Elephants in Amboseli, Kenya

Elephants in Amboseli, Kenya

Welcome our newest Gritster – Ziwa the African Elephant

Ziwa is a 3-year-old orphan living at the David Sheldrick trust outside of Nairobi, Kenya. His name, Ziwa, means waterhole (water is key element of living with Inspired Grit). At just 2 years old, he was found as protecting his dying mother from hyenas, etc. in Amboseli. (Yes, Lion King was based in Kenya, so just imagine those cartoon hyenas when reading this.). This little guy stood up to the unknown world by remaining strong, resilient, and loyal.

Inspired Grit in action.

Elephants hold a special power for me. Living in Africa, I had the pleasure of weekend trips to the maras of Maasai, Amboseli, etc., where the African elephant roams. Never, never did I grow bored of watching these creatures.

Herd Crossing beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli, Kenya

Herd Crossing beneath Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli, Kenya

Elephants also embody some key traits of grit (and of course Inspired Grit):

  • commitment despite obstacles
  • confidence in the destination no matter how long it takes
  • removal of obstacles and barriers
  • strength
  • slow and steady vs. frantic and exhausting
  • stature, kindness and patience

These are massive, gentle animals, and a moment glancing in to their eyes is a moment with their soul. One look and you feel a deep, serene peace wash over you while seeing and feeling decades of stories of intelligence, pain, power and grit.

David Sheldrick is an amazing facility, and I have no qualms contributing to their orphan’s project and fostering two of their bulls. (My second one is Zurura, meaning wanderer, and fostered on behalf of my new project. More to come.)

In this season of excess, give a gift that everyone in your family, especially the young, will treasure more than those iPads and video games.  Seriously, who doesn’t want a monthly email about your foster elephant being giddy and gritty in a mud pit?

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