I recently ended a relationship.

It was short-lived, not mourned, and eye-opening.

I’m too seasoned by life to mourn that which was never meant to be.

Seasoning is a by-product of experience and adventure. And I’m a spicy gal.

Meanwhile, the irony never escapes me. The more I open, the more I notice how closed most others are.

You see, Inspired Grit is my personal exploration gone public. While I force my Self to open on this adventure of Inspired Grit (which includes sharing stories about vulnerable moments – not easy for my intensely private self), I notice one of two things open:

  1. People perk up and become curious
  2. People try adding a healthy dose of Cynic Suffering Salt to the mix (for that is how I choose to see those quick to judge and compare)

15 years ago, I would have shut down. I would have buried this scavenger hunt in to the depths my soul and mind because of fear, comparison, and a fraud complex. After all, who am I to tell my story?

But that’s just it. It took me years of hiding before I finally realized that it’s way more interesting to throw open the window and see what comes in.

Window wide open. My new approach to life.

My window isn’t a door. I’m still too private to go throwing doors open.

My window allows me to see out. And my wide-open window means I agree to a mutual exchange with the world: I won’t coop up my thoughts and ideas inside my structure, like a genie in a bottle. I’ll share them, albeit with discernment and grace.

My window allows others to see in. And because it’s wide open, it’s an open invitation for interaction and exchange.

My window is also sized to offer both intimacy of thought and energy, protection from the overwhelm of external forces, and respite from the healthy doses of Cynic Suffering Salt.

With this approach, I’ve realized (and forgiven) a lot of misdirected angst and words – my own and others. I’ve discovered an activated Zen in my life. I’m slowly becoming more courageous about sharing my journey, ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

And I’ve begun to ask others about their windows.