When things become rough, and the thrash of life is making a turbulent mess of your thoughts and emotions, these four questions are game changers.

When did I stop singing?

When did I stop dancing?

When did I stop being enchanted by stories and by my own story?

When did I stop being comfortable in the sweet territory of silence?


I sing daily…in my blog and in my interactions with others.  (You really don’t want me actually singing.)

I dance daily…salsa, kizomba, bachata, West African, on the yoga mat, and by myself in my home.

I am falling in love with my own story, and I’m beginning to embrace it’s power to energize and embolden those around me.

And I’m a raving fan of silence.  The sweet territory of silence.

Much love to the recently departed Angeles Arrien.  The world is so grateful for your work in capturing, preserving, and sharing these lovely teachings.