We’re inching in to Quarter 2 of 2017. People are either well on their way or waking up and realizing the year is moving ahead without them.

April is a normal time to pause, reflect, release, and lay plans.

I hear and work with a lot of people grappling with a common symptom. It is now a crisis on our planet.


Fatigue can appear as overwhelm, exhaustion, over active brains and under active accomplishments.

I’m no stranger to fatigue. I start a lot, finish less, and am really busy.

As a healer and energy worker, and as a project manager by blood (some of us are born organized…it’s annoying to those who aren’t), I long ago stopped collapsing and panicking,

Instead I get super duper picky, declutter, and strip everything down to 3 simple questions:

  1. What do I believe (in)?
  2. What am I doing to remain close to these beliefs?
  3. What am I doing that pulls me away from these beliefs?

Get rid of the last

Add more of the second.

Keep refining the first.

Where to start??

  • Find your drains and get rid of them. Projects. People. Clothing. Unfinished books. Apps and emails you never open anyway.
  • Find your joy and follow it. If you believe in nature, get outdoors more often. If you believe people are inherently good, write down all the good stuff you come in to contact with every day. If you believe in space, make it and don’t give it up.

Space and Light boost creativity and energy. Find them. Make them. Share them.

With Grit, Grace and Gumption,