I was recently accused of witchcraft. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given where I live.

Africa, and many Africans, still believe in and practice witchcraft. I’ll save the full story for another time, but it essentially involves the Buddha candle holder on the bookshelf behind my desk.

I admit that I am intrigued by unknown forces. I always have been. I talk about and work with energy, intuition, manifestation and a huge list of topics from positive psychology (hope, grit, flow, etc.). These things are often not seen but felt, which drives logic-focused people insane.

Part of my inner work includes monthly Active Creative Visioning (new moon) and my 24 Seed Visioning (full moon). (I’m releasing a self-guided 24 Seed Visioning practice later this year! Let me know if you are interested in learning more.)

Last Monday was a new moon, so I sat with a few of my gorgeous tarot decks to pull some cards. I love all of my decks, but I find the most powerful one for the new moon Active Creative Visioning is the 13 Moon Oracle deck by Ariel Spilsbury.

This month I pulled my usual 3 cards. First up was a doozy: the sacred tool of the Loom, a tool of the Dreamer/Weaver Goddess. She calls on you to allow time for visioning, expanding, dreaming and connecting in your life.


Clearly I’m a Dreamer and Connector. I resonate a lot with this particular Goddess. Dreaming is so much fun, and even better when I know that I’m able to execute on the dream, i.e. Weaving. #AnswersAreInTheAction

Pulling the Loom this month, though, challenged me. It always does. This card requires you articulate what you are weaving in your life in an actionable way. In short, you have to articulate the what and how and your dreams.  You also have to admit when you have too many projects started. (What, moi? Never! J )

Because I’ve taken the last three months to reflect on the Loom of Inspired Grit (hence the long blogging hiatus), I was excited to pull this card.

And, because actively creating and crafting your particular ‘Life Loom’ is the main message behind Inspired Grit, I wanted to write a bit on what this card means and how you can integrate it in to your life.

4 Prompts for Active Creative Visioning

1- Polarities – This is about having a beginning and end and respecting the balance in between. A loom is no good if one end is flapping about like a wet rag. When you are ready to begin, you need to know what you are aiming for. You might not get to that exact end, but you’ll get somewhere if you pull both ends of your loom tight before you start.

  • What is your vision/quest? Describe it.  Bonus points for good adjectives.
  • Where are you starting from? And why does that help in your vision/quest?
  • Who do you have to help you on your way? We all need accountability partners and cheerleaders. I have them. If you can’t think of anyone, let me know and I’ll help you out.
  • What do you need to give up to finish this loom/project? This is the killer for most people, myself included.

2- Energetic Navigation – Energy makes up a HUGE amount of what I study and teach. Some of us are more sensitive to energy than others, and it’s a full time job to navigate the crazy out there. Others are much better at rolling with it and not letting it affect you.

There are so many ways to recognize and navigate energy that, for the sake of this blog, I’ll give a 3-step highlight: 1-double down on intuition, 2-feel the message, 3-be cool with yourself. If your body is telling you to get out ASAP, then please get out.  If it is telling you to engage, then engage. Capice?

  • Do you know the warning signs that something isn’t right? Physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • Do you have a way of navigating these energetic ups and downs? Or do you just try to avoid the bad juju?

3- Fluid Structure – i.e. Respecting structure while allowing ‘stuff’ to flow.  The good news: you naturally rock one of these. The bad news: most people don’t naturally rock both of them. E.G. you are usually either really good at structure and completely freak out when things aren’t clear or you break out in hives when you think about rules and structure.

So what is Fluid Structure? This is about having boundaries for which both contain your energy and allow it to play. (Read more here about why you need more BS in your life.) Boundaries are like your skeleton and skin: they provide support and a container for the messy, fluid bits. And the messy fluid bits (blood, muscles, etc.) have a place to flow and connect. What this means for you?

  • How much do you work on things because you have to? Do you know why you work on them? Can you quickly explain how they fit in to your tapestry?
  • When you wake up in the morning, do you have a plan, or do you just go with the flow?
  • Do you end each day feeling satisfied? Do you notice large amounts of time go missing during the day? (i.e. Can you account for what you did the whole day?)
  • Are you more likely to start something when you have a plan? Or do you require free space? What happens when one or the other is forced on you? (ex. ‘finish by X date’, ‘just start and see what happens’ etc.)

As I say, Take ego and go or use energy and flow.

Murchison Flow

4- Get to It – There is a time for reflection and a time for action. I spend a chunk of time emptying my calendar and space and simply being. I can draw, paint, dance, breath, or even stare out the window. As comforting as that is to my introverted self, I eventually need to actually start something. This goddess is both Dreamer and Weaver. You have to start somewhere with your masterpiece. Buy the thread, set up the loom, sketch the design…just go for it.

  • Do you visualize the bigger picture of your project/life?
  • If yes, what is the first step you can take? The Smaller the better.
  • If no, contact me. This is my gift. I find patterns in the craziest situations and most complex, insane environments. If you need some guidance, reach out. It helps to verbalize it.

The Loom.  It’s simple in structure and challenging in its demands: dream/vision, action, creation.

How does the Loom show up in your current world?

With Grit and Grace,