It never dawned on me that ‘Summer Camp for Adults’ would be so hard to explain to colleagues, friends, and especially fellow entrepreneurs.

The easy stuff:

  • Yes, a bunch of adults took over a ridiculously pimped out kids camp in upstate New York.  (Seriously, since when did kids get hockey rinks, rope walls, and a private lake with paddle boards at camp?!)
  • Yes, there was a bonfire, team games, dancing, and crafts.
  • Yes, there were bunk beds inside numbered dorms (girls and boys separated of course).
  • No, this was not band camp, you American Pie aficionados.

And yes, I’ve been to a number of camps in my life.  (A short list some of my grace-meets-geek camp history is found at the end of this post.)

But I digress.

Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project Summer Camp was something you can’t easily summarize in words.  (Good thing there’s a video.)

How can you explain the feeling of 3.5 days being surrounded by immediate friends?  I mean serious friends.  Not “let me practice my elevator pitch on you” type of folks.

Where people come to grow.  Explore.  Discover new triggers, limits, opportunities, and worlds.

Where my personal quest with Inspired Grit is accepted.  Cheered.  Supported.  Challenged.  Savored.

Where the end of camp is the first time you pull out your business cards, just on the off chance that, should every form of virtual communication suddenly disappear or fail, you still have a way to snail mail your comrade.

Where you meet fellow revolutionaries on this planet making some seriously incredible imprints on this planet.

  • Revolutionizing the sex worker industry. (His book is going to be ah-mazing!)
  • Revolutionizing architecture – because you are a direct reflection of your surroundings.
  • Revolutionizing outdoor bathing – right here in San Francisco!
  • Revolutionizing happiness.
  • Revolutionizing podcasting.

Breakout activities ranged from entrepreneurial (crowd funding) to mental (flourishing), and from crafty (hand lettering) to yummy (green smoothies and making tea – yes!).

I laughed a lot.  I shed a few tears.  I shivered at night and while meditating at 6 am.

But most of all, I discovered.

I discovered that what I’m creating is a revolution.  A movement.  A community.

In includes people who are sick and tired of being really, really good at ‘things’, but unable to name our Grit.  Our Moxie.  Our Thing.

Who know that we light up a room because we actually feel the shift of energy around us.

Who know that we do bring something special to this world, above and beyond the “everyone is unique” platitude.

And who know that we just need to do the work to name our Grit.

Because when you name it, you can claim it.

And so, my fellow Gritsters, I’m very excited about the coming months.  I am doing more of my own work so I can clearly state what this revolution is (vs. the current gut feeling/intuition).

This journey requires me to really dig in to my foundations and unearth nuances about my Grit.  It’s work.  Sweet, soul-satisfying, status-quo shaking work.

And as I focus on my project, you’ll notice the look, sound, and feel of this space will change.

I hope you’ll join me during this journey.

Because what I’m learning and creating will be shared.

We’re all in this together.



PS- As promised, here’s a short glimpse in to my grace-meets-geek camp history:

  • Dance camp – Where success is measured by flexibility challenges, ribbons, and whether you break your nose because your kicks are so high
  • String camp – Yes, think stringed instruments.  One week of a bunch of cellos, violas, and, in my case, violins, getting our geek on.
  • Suzuki camp – Before actual string camp came a number of summers spent at Suzuki’s violin camp.  Horsehair and rosin, oh yes 🙂
  • Swim camp- at 5’2” I was never meant to be the future Janet Evans, but I can still swim a mean lap!
  • Pre-college camp – ‘Cause AP class couldn’t hold the President of her National Honor Society club back from wanting more.  Why not spend summer taking college courses at the University of Pennsylvania?  (PS – Also danced at the Olympics in Atlanta that same summer.)
  • Language camp – 9 weeks of pure German language immersion at Middlebury College.  Trust me, it works!