Spirit Startup Safari & Retreat

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14 days.  6 curious spirits.  2 East African countries. 1 life changing experience.

The world’s first fusion of a personal discovery retreat + travel + co-working.

Sept. 3-17, 2016   Booked for 2016

Stay tuned for 2017 Dates! 

Hold yours with a deposit of $899.

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  • Arrive Curious – Leave Activated. The journey includes workshops & personal space to trigger courage & action. You will return home with a fresh perspective & more clarity on what you really want in your one precious life.
  • Disconnect to Connect. Baked in to the itinerary are ample opportunities to unplug from outside noise & tap in to the wisdom of your inner voice. After all, silence is golden.
  • Start at the Beginning. Simultaneously safari (Kiswahili for ‘to travel’) through the Rift Valley, where mankind began.  What a brilliant place to remember YOUR beginning and take time to create your future!
  • Become a part of the global talent conversation by working with African startups in Africa’s largest co-working space.
  • Immerse yourself in inspiration. Whether you are interacting with wildlife, savoring an African sunset, watching the hustle of Africa, or simply sitting and listening, be prepared for your senses and energy to be on fire.


This is a vacation to some of this planet’s most spectacular and inspiring locations.

More importantly, it is an opportunity to take time to investigate your deepest desires. To capture what really lights you up. To reconnect with your Self.

It’s time to schedule ‘someday’ in the calendar.

Carve out the time. Invest in yourself. Allow dreams to be realities.

Payment Plan available.

$899 deposit due at the time of booking.  Make the rest of your payments over 4 months.  Your choice. 


The 2016 trip is booked…will you be there for 2017?

Watch the Q&A Replay for more info.


The (proposed) Timeline:

Sept. 3, 2016 – Arrive in Nairobi, Kenya  (I’m looking in to a group ticket for you, but you have to book early for best pricing)

Sept. 4-7, 2016 – Nairobi Experiences, including baby elephants, and of course dancing!

Sept. 8-10, 2016 – Maasai Mara Reserve + other Kenyan landmarks  (yes, be prepared for elephants, lions, zebra and giraffe!)

Sept. 11, 2016 – Enter Uganda and stay at the source of the Nile

Sept. 11-15, 2016 – Experience Jinja Falls, Sipi Falls and Kidepo National Reserve

Sept. 16, 2016 – Return to Kampala, Uganda

Sept. 17, 2016 – All day Kampala Experience, including the world famous boda boda tours. Farewell dinner before boarding your plane to fly home.



Sept. 3-17, 2016.  Nairobi, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda.

6 spaces available for this unique safari.


Hold your spot with a deposit of $899.  Make the rest of your payments in 4 installments.  Your choice.

Please read my refund policy before making your deposit.



– Accommodation (2/room)

– Transportation

– Entrance fees to national parks + my gorgeous African Elephant Nursery (yes, baby elephants!!)

– Meals (some exclusions)

– Tour Guides

– Over 6 hours of workshops with me, Ann, of Inspired Grit

– Morning mediation and yoga with me (and definitely some dancing, ’cause it’s me!)



– Airfare

– Travel Visas (approx. $100 for US Citizens)

– Travel Insurance (if you want it)

– Immunizations (get what you need)

– Some Meals

– Fees for optional activities (white water rafting, abseiling, etc.)

– Lodging upgrades (TBD)

– Spending Money

– Tips/Gratuities



It is simple.

There is none.

All of your safari payments, including the deposit, are non-refundable.

Why?  This is your gut instinct vs. your monkey-brain.  Your instinct says ‘Yes! I need to try this and invest in my growth and future.’  

So you go for it.  You make the move, pay the money, and suddenly your monkey brain is yelling at you.  ‘Are you sure this is right? Are you sure you reaaaallllyyy want to take a chance and possibly discover some new, cool stuff about you?  Isn’t safe better than sorry?’

‘Ahem, No, Mr. Monkey Brain, I’m having none of this. Instinct tells me to go forward on this, even if I’m a bit scared, nervous, or just overly excited. Plus it’s Africa!  At the very least I’ll come back with some amazing stories and photos.

I’ve been there.  Many times.  Business school.  Private coaching.  Group training programs.  I know the freak out point, and I know what I’ve gotten out of the experiences.

If you have any questions before you commit, simply email me – ann@inspiredgrit.com.  If you prefer to talk on the phone, mention that in your email.  We’ll find a time to chat.

I really want you to feel comfortably uncomfortable about this decision.  I will be with you every step of the way, so I can guarantee you’ll see a side of Africa that most tourists don’t.  This is a trip you’ll talk about for the rest of your life.

I can’t wait to welcome you back to Africa, where it all began!




PS – If you are still reading – YEAH!  I wanted to tell you a little more about this adventure.  You’ll hear more on the call, but here are a few hints at why you want to come.

This trip no less than a labor of love for me.  Flashback 8 years and I shudder.  I was busy chasing other people’s dreams.  I looked great on paper but was acutely aware that I was not even close to living up to my talents.  Simply put, I was miserable.  That changed when I began investing in MY ideal life just 3 years ago.  It wasn’t about degrees or titles or salary any more.  Once and for all I threw off the shackles of what society wanted me to do.  I began to take courses I wanted to take – mindset, positive psychology, energy working, Reiki, Tantra, numerous yoga workshops, business design, etc.  The list continues…and it’s completely mine!

Suddenly the craziest things began to happen.  I no longer wanted what my neighbors wanted.  In fact, I realized I never really wanted any of it.  My body rejected it all along, but it took 15 years for my mind to be confident in admitting it.  Suddenly things became easier.  Best of all, I realized I wasn’t alone.  There was (and is) a world out there of people ready to cheer me and my dreams on.  And each step I took (and take) makes me more confident in my own life.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s thrilling.  And I want everyone to experience this same feeling.

It cost a fair price to get to where I am today, mainly in terms of lost opportunities, stress, and self-doubt.  I just don’t want anyone else to be in that situation.  Your own expansion and happiness will happen IF you decide to take bold, brave steps and go for it.  Sitting in courses isn’t for everyone, but travel is.  Everyone flourishes on the road.  At the very least, you become super clear about what you want/don’t want and what you are grateful for.  The changes that happen by taking you out of your daily habits and routines and transplanting you in a vibrant, stimulating, and completely foreign environment are, well, priceless.

I’ve been on long, overland trips that last weeks.  I’ve also been on short, weekend retreats.  I’ve been on everything in between.  This opportunity is 100% unique.  Yes, you will travel,  Yes, there will be agendas.  Yes, you will see a unique perspective on Africa – mine.  (Be ready for exploring markets and eating with locals!)  But what really sets this trip apart are the periods of rest and reflection you have each day.  I have built in ample time to play, tour, have #MeaningfulConversations and simply be.

2 weeks.  14 days.  It’s time to invest in yourself.  As the famous Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.”

Start living!

Much love,