smell rosesAnd we’re off.  It’s the annual “So what did I actually get done this year?” season.

It’s time to meet relatives and friends and tell them how much you completely rocked your annual list of goals, and how you loved every minute of it.

It’s time to think about how you will create even more incredible results next year.

Oh, wait.  You mean you don’t have that “Hell yes, I’m amazing!” party anthem playing in your head?

As an entrepreneur (or wantrepreneur or intrapreneur), it’s especially easy to beat ourselves up with everything we don’t get done.

Our income depends on us being masters of the time-space-creativity continuum.

A simple search today produced the following results:

Productivity : 167,553

Time Management : 48,342

Stress Management : 12,073

Depression : 46,241

Compassion : 9,607

Is there any wonder you feel like you are never able to keep up?

As someone who has launched 3 businesses in 3 months, and works daily with other entrepreneurs to help launch and streamline their businesses, I am constantly reminding others of how much they are actually getting done.

The reality is that most of us don’t ever stop and smell our own dang rose gardens!

So before you sit down to create your list of Resolutions, To-Do’s, Word of the Year, etc. for 2014, it’s important for everyone to perform what I call an Annual Closing Ceremony.

How to Perform your Annual Closing Ceremony:

1)   Grab a pen and paper.  Yes, an actual pen please.  It’s more powerful this way, I promise.

2)   Find time and space just for you.  Your favorite coffee shop, bench in a local park, corner of the library.  I recommend you get out of your home to start this, so you can be as distraction free as possible.  Speaking of…

3)   Turn off the world.  Phone, Internet, beeper (if you still carry one), or whatever else it is that you have where the world can reach you.

4)   Prep your canvas.  Fold and/or divide the paper in to 6 squares.   Label each square 1 for each month of the year (front and back are used).  Write today’s date somewhere too.

5)   Start writing.   Keep writing.  You were the artist of your past year.  Write down everything you did.  Have fun wandering down memory lane.  Here are some hints in case you get stuck:

        • Career – New job? Promotion? Raise? Skills?  Any chaos you tackled and showed who was boss?
        • Adventure & Travel – Any new stamps in the passport? Anything crossed off your bucket list?
        • Family, Friends, Fun – Who did you catch up with? See? Any gatherings, like weddings, graduations, etc.? Any rekindled friendships?
        • Education – Did you learn anything new this year?  What was the last thing you Googled or Wikipedia-ed?  Even learning to program your DVR counts.
        • Finance, Investments – New computer?  Car?  House?  IRA?  Education?
        • Body, Spirituality, Mindset – Anything you learned about yourself?  Any big “A-ha’s” about how you tick or what motivates you?
        • Business – If you own one, run one, or want to run one, what have you done this year to move forward?  New clients?  Learn SEO?  Finally get your accountant all of your expenses on time?
        • Random – Everyone is different.  Write down anything and everything that comes to mind, no matter how trivial it may seem!

6)   Keep it close.  Things will come to mind over the coming few days.  Keep this paper nearby so you can quickly capture the memory.

Extra Creativity Spike:  You know my love of color.  Use your colored pencils, pens, markers, etc. to help amp up your memories.  And if you don’t have any, then #7 on this list is to visit your local store and check out the Crayola aisle.  $3 on colored pencils is totally going to change your world in 2014.

That’s it!  Simple and yet really powerful.

In fact, I perform a Daily Closing Ceremony every evening.  It is one of my productivity secrets.  Instead of fixating on my To Do’s and what is left, I end each day by reviewing everything I got done, including all of the little extras that always creep in.  Talk about a mindset boost!

So before you even think about setting 2014 goals, I challenge you to take the time to celebrate what you have accomplished in 2013.

By celebrating and releasing these memories in to the universe, you are setting an amazing tone for 2014.

Be sure to share your insight in the comments below.  I love hearing from you!  And if you are ready to enter 2014 with some serious  power, make sure you schedule your Get Acquainted Call with me pronto!