Self-care is almost easy for me.  I eat right (generally), move my body regularly, and surround myself with inspiring people, books, music, art, etc.


Self-love is another story.  I’m probably like most of you, navigating the choppy waters of self-love.  Some days I’m on cloud nine and love myself to no end.  Other days I’m ripping myself apart and reminding myself of every flaw and fault.  It’s up and down, but I will tell you that, with a bit of loving focus and work, it does get easier.  The path forward stabilizes a bit, and new and beautiful opportunities open up.

The thing I’ve realized is self-care and self-love are like yin and yang.  If you love yourself, you care about yourself, and visa versa.  Together both are the #1 thing anyone can do to walk their walk.  Here at Inspired Grit I’m all about action, not talk, hence the reason I won’t agree that simply loving yourself is great.  If you don’t get out and do something about it, what’s the point.

When I work on Grit for myself and others, I’m working on creating a lifestyle that inspires you and others, challenges your boundaries, and has a bigger ripple on your world.  I’m a fierce advocate of channelled positivity and action.  If you want a particular change, you have to do something to make that change happen.  You need to go out and meet the people you need to meet, join the groups you need to support you, buy or borrow the books you need to read, do the exercises and do the work.  No amount of wishing, praying, hoping, intention-setting, or dreaming will make your life change unless you become an active participant in it.

The first step doesn’t have to be big, but it has to be taken.  -Ann Dretzka, Inspired Grit

I’ve collected a few resources below for you on these topics.  You can find some of these resources on your own, too.  I receive no monetary compensation from anything below, just a high five for paying it forward.

What I mainly want you to get from the resources below is this: there is an entire world out there waiting to support, guide, teach, coach, and cheer you on.  You don’t have to spend anything to look around on the internet.  Do some searches and see what sticks out for you.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want more guidance.  I love facilitating pop-up workshops and groups, so grab some kindred spirits and invite me over!



I LOVE a good quote.   Here’s a page with a few for self-love and self-esteem.  Here’s one for self-care.  Here’s another.  A simple google search will pull up a lot more.  Read through them and see what stands out for you.  (Hint- reading aloud makes them even better!)



I also LOVE good images.  They are visual prompts to remind me of what is important to me.  A simple Google search for key words will pull up a bevy of them (ex. self-care quotes).  Be sure to choose “images” so you jump right to lovely layouts.


Find quotes that inspire you and make them your phone/computer wallpaper.  You can also print them out and hang them around your home.  Make a collage.  But please don’t share it on Facebook. This stuff is sacred, boo.  Would you share your medical history or dirty underwear online?  Nope.  So stop sharing these precious ideas and dreams with the world at large! Become more selective with the audience.



I can’t begin to tell you exactly who the right person is for you.  There are so many bloggers out there.  I’ll give you an exercise, though, that can help move you forward.

Answers are in the action.  -Ann Dretzka, Inspired Grit


  1. Fill in these blanks – When I think of what most inspires me, I think of _____. When I think of who most inspires me, I think of _____.  When I think of all the thoughts I listed just now, my primary emotions are _____.  
  2. Look at the words you wrote down.  Write them in a list on a piece of paper.  Then find synonyms for these words.
  3. Now look at all the words on the paper in front of you.  How does that entire landscape of words make you feel?  (Thank you Danielle LaPorte for making feelings a ‘thing’. Mad love!)
  4. Fill in these blanks – For me to get to that feeling on a daily basis, I need to_____.  I need help with ______.
  5. Google the things you need help with.  Find the blogs and books that resonate the most with you.  THAT is where you start.  Yes, more will come, but at least you can start somewhere!

PS – I love my friends, but this is sacred work for me.  I do this where I can comfortable and uninterrupted.  I really suggest you carve out time to do this work. 1-2 hours.  And don’t invite friends.  You need the space to reflect and create the world you need.  Not just desire, but need.  



Christine Arylo created “Self-Love Day” on Feb 13, and has made part of her mission to get people to talk more about Self-Love.  She has a free Self-Love virtual retreat on Feb 13 – http://www.selfloveday.com.

She has authored 2 books on the topic (Choose Me Before We and Madly in Love with Me) and created a 40 Days of Self-Love course you can purchase.  You can also become a Love Ambassador to help spread the message.

If nothing else, you can join the free event on Feb 13 and play for a few hours.