Girl At The SeaUnlike most people, for me the holidays are a time of relaxation, good movies, and even better books. I have a chance to slow down and really reflect and redirect my thoughts, energy, words and actions.

This lull in life activity means I free my mind from doing to simply being. And in the being state, I have a chance to find patterns that have and haven’t served me.

Obviously in overdrive the past two weeks, my thoughts keep circling around one word: SEEK.

Am I a seeker?

What is a seeker?

How do I feel when I say or think the word “seek”?

Seven thoughts have emerged from my reflections:

  1. Yes, I am a seeker. What I seek is infinitesimal, distant, yet immediate. On the list: knowledge, truth, integrity, energy, relationships, patterns, and grit.
  2. Seeking is not chasing. Seeking is not doing. True seeking activates your grit and inspiration in alignment with your Self.
  3. When I seek, I am in flow. Noises are louder, smells more vibrant, and time more abundant. Seeking feels abundant and lush.
  4. Seek, Seeker, Seeking feel right to me. And, as a fan of the incomparable Danielle LaPorte, I will tell you that feeling good is the highest priority.
  5. What I seek selfishly motivates and supports me. For this flow to happen, I need to seek what I need and what I want. Not what an article tells me to do, or the latest blog or motivational speaker.
  6. What I seek and discover can be shared. That is the point of this blog: to share my learning and inspire a few more on their journey
  7. Everyone is a seeker of something, so get clear and get started. Activity breeds activity, but it’s more fun in community. I will share my own quest in a few ways (all of which allow you to share your quest too).

This weekly blog. Yes, this will be regular, because a blog written with this seeking energy feeds my soul.  And to keep my seeking/quest focused, I have chosen a different word each month.  January 2015 = Change.

A monthly, in-person salon. I want more meaningful conversations, and it’s about time we all participate in starting some. The world is moving way too fast to keep up with it all. Instead of chasing someone else’s dream, identify your own, and seek to become it.

Two retreats. I will create and hold two retreats this year where Seekers, Gritsters, and generally curious folk will converge. And because I’m me, this means space, time, inspiration, play, and color. More details are coming, so join the mailing list or Facebook to keep in touch.

With that, I close my first blog of the year. I would, however, love to know what you seek? And if you aren’t sure, I’d love to read what your answers to my three questions above. Who knows what those three questions might spark in you!