A short month deserves short reads.

But short doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch.

Nor does price necessarily reflect value.  (At the current Amazon Kindle prices, all five will cost you a whopping $19.95.)

The first two combine the message of taking action with a healthy dose of business advice.

The last three were written by one of my top business mentors, Tara Gentile. I love that she’s already written my first three books for me!

Joking aside, all five should be read at least once a year. Seriously.


February 2015 Reading Recap

Everything I Know (Paul Jarvis, Kindle)

Top web designer (think Danielle LaPorte and Alexandra Franzen) meets pithy writing and a rambunctiously fresh take on owning your Self. Soundbites include:

  • “If we don’t let our weirdness rise to the surface, we don’t let our work standout.”
  • “Choosing a path implies action. A choice is a starting line, so choose to begin right there.”
  • “Fear is losing what you might already be grateful for having, so let gratitude shine through that kind of fear.”


If You Can’t Fail, It Doesn’t Count (Dave Guymon, Kindle)

“That is the super power other people have. They start, and they finish. That’s it.”

Another inspiring read to set you in motion, both mentally and physically. It’s essentially a collection of blog posts written in a very Seth Godin-esque tone. Expect me to riff on parts of this book in my blogs because my neurons are firing!


Quiet Power Strategy (Tara Gentile, Kindle)

“The opposite of Quiet isn’t Loud; it’s Noise.”

Not only is this book packed with great questions for business owners, it has been incredibly helpful in my current effort to redesign this website (coming soon!!). In considering elements to this business, my website, and my life, this book was one of the tipping points in my complete and utter dedication to not contributing to the noise in the world…and the Internet. Tara’s PDF – Perception-Discernment-Focus – capture the spirit of 100% Inspired Grit.


And because that book was so good, I read her other ones:


The Art of Earning (Tara Gentile, Kindle)

“What would happen if you set your prices based on the value that others receive when making a purchase instead of what you value your time or talent to be worth?”

While this book is a gem for business owners struggling with money and worth, these same concepts could easily extend to anyone searching for a new relationship with money (job hunt, raise, budgets, etc.). What I love is the simplicity and depth of her questions. I’ve flagged them all, and plan on hosting a mini-workshop to go through them.

(Dear Tara, Following your advice quoted above, I’d like to tell you that this book should cost more than $2.99.)


The Art of Growth (Tara Gentile, Kindle)

“Great content evolves from simple thoughts and light bulb moments to beautifully considered ideas.”

This book is definitely for business owners. Again, expect really amazing questions around how you approach work, your processes, and your team. These are questions you’ll likely want to write down and really work through. I could go on for hours about these topics because they light me up!!

Bonus: She references one of my favorite subjects – the lean startup methodology – in her approach.


Hope you enjoy them as much as I did/do.  For more good reads, here is my January recap.