Private Coaching


You bring your desires, confusions and vulnerability. Most of all, you bring the knowledge that it’s time for lasting change in your life.

I bring my energy, curiosity, humor plus a very keen eye and ear for BS and authenticity.

Together we begin a dance of dreams, alignment, growth and death. We’ll strip the unnecessary and hone the required.

The dance can be challenging. It will push you. It will transform you.

And because this dance is uniquely yours, you emerge knowing that this is only the beginning of your one wild and precious life.

Let’s Dance, Move, Explore and Grow together.


My clients are exceptional.  They are type-A achievers who know that life is complicated, messy, and rewarding. They are considered successful by society, but inside fight the battle of imposter syndrome and fatigue. They recognize that giving it all up isn’t an option, and yet feel the stress and strain of their current lifestyle. It’s a matter of time, and they refuse to be a passenger in their life and this planet.

Whether they are looking for alignment, tranquility, focus, inspiration, or simply yearn for someone to make sense out of their chaos, these beautiful humans are ready for a change.  A change as unique to them as their fingerprints.

7 billion people on this planet means 7 billion definitions of success, beauty, community and a life well lived. Do you know yours?



We work together one-on-one for a minimum of 3 months; anything less is not enough to begin lasting change.

Our coaching partnerships are catered to your specific goals and desires. Because of the importance of a mind-body connection, they always incorporate personalized energy work and movement exercises.

Coaching is done face-to-face in Kampala, Uganda or long-distance via Skype.



3 month partnerships start at $597.

Even more important than time and money, though, is the investment of your energy, presence and devotion to transformation.

My coaching is not for everyone.

For those who say YES! And to whom I say YES! Know that YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE.

When you are ready, contact me to request a powerful conversation.