Not since 2004.  Not again until 2019.  Tonight really is once in a blue moon.

Full moons are sacred for me.  The power, the clarity, the space and loving presence.  A quick google search will provide more details, but I’ll summarize as follows:

The solar (masculine) is a time of push and strength.  In yoga, it is attributed to the god Shiva.  It is linked to your 3rd chakra, your solar plexus.  Even the ‘solar’ poses are forward moving: jumping to the top of your mat, sun salutations, etc.  The sun uses heat and fire to grow, cleanse, and destroy.  I love this energy when I know exactly what I need to focus on and simply need to get it done.

Full Moon 7.30.2015

Full Moon 7.30.2015

The lunar (feminine) requires a subtle energy.  It is attributed to the goddess Shakti, and lunar yoga practices include pulling back on your mat (ex. child’s pose, savasana/corpse pose).  Numerous scholars link the moon with the space on the top of your head.  This energy is the home of the whispers of your soul, and ushers in a time of renewal, rejuvenation, and clarity.  In tantric philosophy, it has been attributed to immortality.  Sub-conscious thoughts and desires bubble up almost effortlessly.  And, for those who stop to listen, capture, and focus these thoughts, there comes an immense sense of calm and clarity in action and being.

I’ve often been pulled to the lunar energy, but it was only a few months ago when I crafted my own full-moon ritual.  It merges my love of mandalas with my curiosity of energy and our chakras.  I call it my “24 seeds”.  During the full moon, I lead myself through a process to ask questions which, when answered in the energy of a full moon, have brought incredible focus and release to my life.  It is true soul spelunking, as I allow my body and mind to communicate how they can: your body through feelings, and your mind through thought.  First the body, then the mind.

In the end I have 24 gorgeous seeds.  Some are intentions (feelings with goals), and other are simply statements.  I can choose to sow all at once or one (I usually work on 2-3 at a time).  I also have a beautiful mandala that captures my energy from that day.  It sits on my desk for the month and serves as a beautiful, daily reminder of my intentions.

My questions vary for each full moon, but they have taken on a particular flavor of ‘purge and polish’ for this blue moon.

What/Who do I have in my life that isn’t working?
What kind of excess in my life is holding me back?  
What do I want less of?
Where is my body telling me something is off?
What/Who will I commit to releasing for the next 30 days?
What/Who do I have in my life that IS working?
What/Who do I love?  
What/Who fills me with joy and abundance without me working or trying?
Where is my body at ease and in love with life?
What do I want more of?  (Wild, ambitious and abundant thoughts required here)
What fears come up when I think of those ambitious and abundant thoughts?

Allow the space and quiet to speak to you this evening.  You have today, 7/31, and another 48 hours after today to craft your own 24 seeds.  Listen, write, draw.  I do not exaggerate when I say your body, mind, and spirit with be forever grateful.

In Love and Light,

Ann & Inspired Grit

PS- I know how important this ritual has been for me, and I would be honored to lead others on their own 24 seed path.  I believe I’ve found a physical space here in San Francisco, but I am also aware that you are all over the world.  In-person is gorgeous, but I love the power of virtual events.  If you are interested, please connect with me.