There comes a time when it is no longer right. You can no longer suppress, ignore, avoid and pretend.

When that time comes, the inner voice begins to bellow.

The call is similar to the ominous yet seductive call to prayer from a mosque.  Deep, pulsing, hypnotising.

You hear the warning. You know exactly what it is telling you. And you know what you have to do.

Confronting the call head on takes courage. Moxie. Shutzpah. Cajones. You must steel yourself to the inevitable turbulence.

Things won’t go according to plan. It won’t fit your desired timelines, comfort level, or produce a Hollywood ending.

This is where Grit comes in. You know that resilience is required to brave the storm. You know that you will always have to release in order to grow. You will have to ask the tough questions, put yourself in uncomfortable situations, and delve inwards before seeing external results. You will have to remain steadfast with your dreams and goals, no matter the rough seas.

Your demons will come out. This is their perfect playground. Your comfort zone will be tested, bruised, stripped, and parts left raw and exposed. Your vulnerabilities will be screaming for attention. Your triggers will become highly sensitive, ready to prove why it isn’t a good idea.

And despite it all, you know you have no choice. Ripping the bandaid off will sting, but not as badly as leaving the wound to fester.

What is your it? New job/career? Home? Relationship? Circle of friends? Course of study?

Perhaps it is nothing new, but simply you releasing the old.

Whatever your it, don’t settle. 

You have one wild and precious life. Seize it. Say no. Release. Embrace. Admit. Get started.