Yoga & Energy Work


Although my work shifts your inner gunk, it will not work unless your body knows how to feel.  In my world, feeling starts with movement.

I have 2 primary forms of movement: yoga & dance.  After 17+ years of practicing yoga, I discovered BUTI YOGA.

Tribal Dance + Primal Movement + Dynamic Yoga

If you are in Kampala, Uganda, please join me on the mat for Buti Yoga, Buti Flow, Buti Glow, Buti Sculpt & Hot Core.  

I’m the ONLY instructor in all of Africa (seriously, the only one) so Uganda is in luck!

bizzie-quoteBUTI = Indian Marathi word for “the cure to something hidden beneath the surface”

Current Schedule

Please look under Events and search ‘Yoga’. I host weekly classes and special workshops.

Unless otherwise noted, classes rotate between Buti Yoga & Buti Flow (see descriptions below). All classes will break a sweat and get your energy and body moving, but some are more vigorous than others. Please either email me with questions ( or send me a private FB message (@InspiredGrit).

What is Buti? 

Watch this great video if you don’t want to read….

The only way to transform your body in a sustainable way is to fall in LOVE with your workout + wellness lifestyle. Buti Yoga isn’t just a workout – it’s a chance to create – let go – connect – and sweat with intention. Every time you step on your mat, you have a chance to break through emotional or physical barriers.

Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, high-intensity tribal dance and deep abdominal toning. This all-in-one, calorie-scorching workout will tone + sculpt your body while facilitating complete inner transformation. Buti Yoga helps women tap into their inner power to unleash unshakeable confidence, uncover true desire, and bond with other women instead of compete. (Men feel the benefits too.)

Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique (SST) to sculpt + tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. Instead of linear movements, Buti favors movements that challenge the body along all planes of motion. THE RESULT – long, lean muscle with sexy feminine curves!

Class descriptions:

  • Buti Yoga 60 min class fusing vinyasa yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics, all set to killer beats!
  • Buti Flow – 60 min class concentrating on vinyasa yoga and still set to killer beats 🙂
  • Buti Glow – 60 min Buti Yoga class in black lights. Wear your neon and body paint and let loose!
  • Buti Sculpt – 30 min HIIT workout to spike your metabolism for 36 hours. Amazing addition to a full Buti Yoga class or a great starter class for those wanting to try it out.  Unlike other HIIT training, this high/low format infuses active yoga asanas.
  • Hot Core – 30 min intense core workout using friction and dragging of your feet. No crunches – promise.  This class is a killer!  Classes begin March 2017.