I work in corporate America, which means a few things.
On that list are meetings, follow-ups, next steps, more meetings, and lots of business cliches.

What’s not on that list: Love notes.

As a project manager, part of my role is keeping my teams on track. This can often mean that my communication with my teams becomes very task driven. I need status updates, and they know what is going on.

So I started a little experiment at work.

In a rather unorthodox and highly un-corporate move, I decided to ditch email and handwrite my reminders on colorful post-it notes.

I signed each note with a ‘♥ Ann’, and left them on the computer monitor.

And no, HR, these were not sappy ‘Let’s meet behind the bleachers’ style notes. And I’m not a ‘Hello Kitty hearts and flowers’ kind of gal. I simply needed/wanted/asked someone to do something: finish a task, share a status, etc.

And you know what?

It worked!

I saw my colorful love notes carried around.
They appeared in meetings.
They appeared in casual conversations.

The recipients were so delighted at not getting something emailed, and not being reminded of ‘To Do’s” in the typical way, that they actively carried their reminder, their love note, with them.

And even better…they did it!

They were all so happy in telling me what they HAD done
And their happiness made ME feel loved

Best of all, I realized that my own energy was rejuvenated. Just the act of writing a request, and signing it with a simple ‘♥ Ann’, totally perked me up.

So in this day of over-conversation (’cause conversation and communication are not the same),
When we are all inundated by so much noise and activity,

I ask you this: How can you fit a love note in to your day?

♥, Ann

PS – Many thanks to the amazing Alexandra Franzen for reminding me of the power of love notes. I brought mine in to a corporate setting (slightly unorthodox and possibly revolutionary in this PC world we’ve created). Where can you bring yours? I’d love to hear from you below.