It’s been close to 8 months since I’ve published anything. I’ve often wondered how to begin again. How does one summarize a full, abundant life in a few words?

Instead of some large re-launch announcement, I’ve decided to wade in slowly. Slowing down and feeling in to my needs has very much been my go-to of late.

The past months have been filled with many moments of complete, pure clarity clashing sharply with many, many more moments of darkness, confusion, worry. My comparison game has been strong, so strong in fact that I’ve withdrawn more than engaged.

I’ve spent months questioning what I want to create in my life. What I want to be known for. How I wish to live and learn.

I’ve revisited old dreams, paperwork, and labels I’ve worn.

I’ve started. Stopped. Restarted. Reversed. Spun in circles.

In my withdrawal and in private conversations with many people, some themes have become abundantly clear.

• I’m not alone in wanting less. Purging has become a fulfilling endeavor.
• I’m not alone in wanting resonance. Deep, deep resonance.
• I’m not alone in wanting silence. Space. Simplicity.
• I’m not alone in wanting presence. If I am with you, I am with you. Not on a phone or mentally wandering somewhere. Fierce presence, babe.
• I’m not alone in wanting play. Thoughts. Theories. Physical movement. No boundaries to limit me and rules to constrain me. White space please.

In those wants I’ve found more requirements for my life.

• More boundaries for me and standards for you.
• More time away to refresh and reflect.
• More space and light to create and release.
• More darkness to find clarity and feel cleansed.
• More silence so I can listen and feel the power of my spirit.
• More me. More action. Less comparison and perfection.

I speak often of grit and resilience. The name Inspired Grit is based on those grains of sand that irritate the oyster. To protect itself, the oyster coats that grain of sand with layer upon layer of nacre, eventually creating a pearl.

My power lies in my nacre. Yours does too.

This space will change.

I’m spending more time offline creating and connecting. You’ll read and see more here.

If you are physically around me, there will more chances to create and connect together.

If you are not physically around me, I’ll find ways to connect online.

Conscious Connection. Meaningful Conversations. Simple resonance.

With Grit and Grace,