If I were Santa, I would give the gift of…

Hope – Light – Movement – Peace – Education – Reflection – Safety

Thankfully I know a one-stop shop for all of this (besides working with me of course!).

In this season of giving, I wanted to spend a few moments and share with you one of my favorite groups out there.  I also get to work with them here in Kenya, so I see exactly where the money goes.

The Gracias Foundation


Most of the Maisha family after Drum/Acrobatic Lessons

Most of the Maisha family after Drum/Acrobatic Lessons



$15 buys a brick for the much needed new Maisha Home.
I love these kids and Mama Maisha, but their 4 bedroom house for 26 people is just too small. And many of the kids are still growing.

$40 supports the Drumming classes here in Kenya.









$60 supports the Arts Therapy/Acrobatics classes, also here in Kenya.
I’ve seen the way these children’s faces light up when the drums come out and acrobatics begin.








$60 gets Trauma training and support for female victims in the Congo.
I know the woman who created this amazing program (http://www.elaynedoughty.com/) and she is simply incredible.  Honestly, she’s the real deal and walks her talk.

$60-75/mo keeps a kid in school in Kenya.
I’ve been blessed to meet these kids in the photos above while living here in Kenya.  They are simply spectacular humans, and are some of the most giving people I have ever met.  Seriously, 22 kids who don’t fight…I’ve found living proof!

It’s an easy list, and can fit any and all the amazing people in your family and life. Plus, in the US, this is all tax deductible (501(c)3).

Happy Holiday Season Gritsters!