1- Have an idea

2- Decide on a hypothesis

3- Identify a way to prove that hypothesis

4- Collaborate & research to see if you are off-base.  (Or just go for it, your option)

5- Experiment

6- Notice results

7- Adjust if necessary.  Or change your hypothesis.

8- Re-experiment

9- Repeat

10- Iterate

11- Repeat

12- Iterate

And eventually smile with success. Or create a new experiment.  Or understand what you learned.  All of the above.  None of the above.


What if you redefined ‘life science’ as just that: The science of life.

Throw on the lab coat and goggles, and let’s experiment.

Use journals, paint, movement, laughter, meditation.  Whatever gets you going & pushes your boundaries.

Just so that you remain committed to learning.

Because constant learning means you can’t fail.

How inspiring is that?