Flourishing Bootcamp

“San Francisco ruined pizza!”

This line from Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ made the entire movie theater in Oakland (neighbor to San Francisco) erupt in laughter.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do. It’s a beautiful introduction to one of my favorite topics: the science of flourishing.

Why do some languish while others flourish? Is there a secret?

In order to thrive, people must learn to build their reservoir of positive emotions and will-power, work with negative emotions, and create nurturing relationships.  Nearly two decades of research have been dedicated to uncovering what enables people to live vibrant, flourishing lives.

Yes, there’s an actual science to this quest.

In this eye-opening, 2 hour bootcamp, you’ll discover the formula for flourishing and learn how simple tweaks to your schedule, outlook and habits can lead to dramatic and measurable increases to your well-being.

Note: This is a pre-cursor to my longer Flourishing Skills Group™.

When: Early April 2017

Where:  The Enlightened Cat, Naguru

Cost: 50k UGX in advance,  60k UGX at the door