shutterstock_199338782Choice is slippery.

Too much – you go nowhere.

Too little – you feel constricted.

And either option induces stress, pressure, and energy loss.

What if you choose the wrong thing?  What if you choose based on another’s opinions?

Regret? Less motivation? Resignation? A constant need to pump up your mojo with a “Just do it”, fist-clenching, power-forward mindset?

Choice IS slippery.

So many people ride the Slip ‘N Slide named Choice.  And New Year is its top season.

Goals: Some swear against them. Others for them. What if you just wrote down a few things you really, really want, and hang that list in a very visible place in your life. Set a ‘desired by’ date. Then choose to go after those goals. Period. If you really want it, you will choose to make it a part of your life. It’s that simple.

Resolutions: You don’t gain anything by forcing yourself to give up. You have to want it. Maybe it’s health reasons. Maybe it’s lifestyle shifts. Maybe it’s just your gut telling you to stop. A resolution is simply your choice to take action.  So go.

To Do Lists: People today seem vehemently pro/con lists. I love them because of one simple reason: a list makes my choices easier. If I have 15 minutes, I can spend it thinking of all the things I could/should/would be doing, or I can go to my list and choose one thing. 15 minutes of direct action vs. the monstrosity of opportunities and shiny objects.

And sometimes, despite all your best intentions, you can feel backed in to a corner where you really, truly have no choice.  If so, allow me to remind you of a realization that changed my life:

You always have a choice: your thoughts.

And thoughts become reality through clear, consistent action.

So what if you stopped trolling the Internet. Stop reading every pro/con reason and article for ways to approach your life (after you finish this one of course). Stop spending time hunting down an app or list or book to provide direction.

  1. Get clear on your thoughts and desires
  2. Get clear on your feelings behind those thoughts and desires
  3. Make your list of choices
  4. Choose one
  5. Start


Ann & Inspired Grit

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