Bloom where you’re planted.


The inner, Grit-loving side of me respects this saying.  Suck it up, grin and bear it, chin up and smile.

Yes, it works.  Our survival instinct kicks in, and we’re able to get through a lot of life by just pushing forward.

But a plant doesn’t bloom because it’s surviving.  It blooms because it’s flourishing.

Flourishing and surviving are not the same.

Surviving is buckling down, hanging on, and getting by.

Flourishing reflects success, health, vigor, and stamina.

A bloom signals the inner beauty, happiness and health of that plant with the world.

Plants flourish in the right environment.  Sun, shade, soil, temperature, climate, even song.  No amount of fertilizer can force a plant to flourish.

And, while some plants can bloom where they’re planted, a good gardener knows to choose plants based on zones and life span, not just aesthetics.

Thankfully we aren’t plants.

We have legs.  We have brains.  We have choices.

When our desires are clear and our grit focused, the world is our oyster.

It’s your choice: flourish or survive.


PS: Want to learn how to apply Desire, Grit and Flourishing?  Want to create your next year in one sitting while surrounded by friends?  If you are in the Bay area, please join me in-person to co-create an amazing 2015.  Planning is so much more fun in community.