One of the greatest compliments I recently received was couched in a warning.

I was out mingling with some new colleagues, and the typical meet and greet type conversations were happening.

“When did you join?”  “What is your background?”  “What did you do before this?”

I secretly love these questions, because 10 seconds in to my response, people know I’m not your average colleague/friend/mentor/partner.

Not that I try.  Or pre-think some weird ‘networking’ type introduction.  I’m just me.

Introductions were exchanged, eyebrows raised, and I was quickly pulled in to another conversation.

And then it happened.

The wheel of introductions came full circle, and I ended up back with my original conversation partner.  With an impish grin, he admitted that, after our introduction, he had leaned over to my manager and said,

“Be careful. She’s a flight risk.”  And I internally giggled with delight.

Not that I have any desire to leave my day job.  I just happen to love being a flight risk.

So what is a flight risk?

To me, it’s being that wave of fresh energy and ideas at a table, meeting, or social setting.

It’s being a person willing to take a chance, make a change, push a boundary, break a rule, define a new norm.

It’s being the one others look to for inspiration and creative twists.

Most of all, it means sticking out in a positive, contagious way.

Because flight risks understand that everyone has a choice.

A choice to

  • do the work to really speleunk their souls to name their Grit.
  • be present, receptive, and open.
  • grow, learn, and explore.
  • turn challenges in to opportunities.
  • be vulnerable.  Which I believe is the ultimate form of strength.
  • share their talents with the world.

And because a flight risk knows they have choices, they don’t waste time deciding.

If you meet one, you know that they have chosen to be where they are at that moment.

So here’s to being a flight risk!  We’re a cool crowd, and I’m actively recruiting.

Are you a flight risk?  Anything to add to that list?

<3 Ann

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