UntitledI’m a big fan of Yogi brand tea because of the tea tags. Each tag comes with a saying.

Over the years, I’ve saved my favorite tags, diligently gluing them inside my yoga journal, taping them on desktop monitors, and squirreling them away in wallets and books.

One of my favorites has become a life mantra for me:

Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.

Simple. Logical. Reasonable.

Make space so more can arrive.

Space is a requisite for growth.

So why can’t we?

We love to cram every orifice of our life with ‘meaning’. We guilt trip ourselves, and our calendars, to do things others want or what we think society demands.

This is not an attack on action.

Answers are in your action.

What I’m questioning is this growing need to always be in action. To always have a plan. To have a dream. A goal. A next step. Shoot, even vision boards are covered top to bottom, leaving no space for the universe to come in and play.

What if, for once, you didn’t have a plan? What if you just made space, then sat back and became curious?

Try it for just one day.  Or a handful of hours.

What happens?

What thoughts or emotions come to the surface?

Do you become curious about something?

I regularly perform this little experiment.  Just three days ago I woke up and knew I wasn’t in the right energetic space for Reiki reattunement.  So, I threw all plans to the wind, and went in to the city about 7 hours early for my yoga class.  Since Yoga Journal was in town, I decided just to wander around the yoga marketplace and see what would happen.

I wandered right to a pile of pillows.  Meditation pillows of different shapes and sizes covered the floor.  On the side, a small tea chest.  Contrary to my introverted personality, I accepted an offer of tea and sat down.  I found kindred spirits.  I had #MeaningfulConversations.  I learned of the membership-based Tea Oasis here in San Francisco (oh my goodness, I can’t wait to visit!).  I bought pillows (the golden Buddha is mine!!).  I received Breema yoga from someone who has decades of positive energy behind her (and created the first US-based yoga mat company).  Best of all, I have four new kindred spirits in my life.

Just a few hours later, I found myself dancing to live drums a la a drum line (East Bay represented!).  The best part – it was in the middle of a yoga practice with MC Yogi.  We moved from yoga to dance within minutes.  I let loose.  I played with the space.  And I celebrated the space I had ‘allowed’ to enter that day.

By throwing everything to the wind for the day (which can be difficult for this project manager), by making space, I allowed an incredible surge of opportunity and energy to enter my life.  I’m still riding a high.

If you empty yourself of activities, lists, ‘normal’, ‘expected’, ‘always’, etc., you’d be surprised what you might find.

Ann & Inspired Grit