I stopped.

I went on self-imposed sabbatical.

5 months away from blogging.  5 months to explore.  To expand.

To move back to the US from Africa. And then to move cross country to San Francisco. (Technically Oakland…’cause that’s where grit and glam synch.)

To visit Brazil for the World Cup.  (Match 54- Germany v Algeria. Germany all the way – and we know how that turned out.)

To start a new gig in a new industry.  ‘Cause new is good.  So is change.

To plant a few ideas.  And plants.

5 months to allow ideas to enter – permeate – exit my head.

Some stuck.  Others were released.

So this is a love note to those sticky ideas.  And to the new ones emerging.

Inspired Grit is back.  Things are changing.  Rules are breaking.

‘Cause change is good.

And redefinition is sexy.