24 Seeds Visioning

This is my own, monthly ritual to harness lunar power and grounded visioning. It incorporates mandalas, chakra seeding, and journaling, all of which you will learn in the ritual. Add an oracle pull for additional guidance (info below).

I developed this tool because, try as I might, my overly creative mind loves to imagine but can struggle to find the energy to get it all done. Instead of beating myself up, I began learning about energy, rituals, circle work, and intention setting.

What emerged was this ’24 Seeds Ritual’, a chakra-based, monthly practice. As a stand alone program, you’ll emerge with ways to move forward with your desires from a place of reflection and alignment. Partnered with my other programs, including ‘Energy Hijacking’ and ‘PiMP your Productivity’, and you’ll have a full suite of tools to satisfy both left and right brain needs.

Big words, I know. Trust me when I say this is an experience. If you are dealing with overwhelm, energy drainage, distraction, or just generally want to tweak the way you work this year, I highly recommend you attend.

I will walk you through the ritual, which includes drawing and journaling, and you will go away with a vision for your next 30 days. Best of all, you’ll have a tool to use whenever those distraction goblins want to sneak in and play!

BONUS: This event will happen each month. Past participants can always return for 50% off. Visioning in community is incredibly effective!

WHEN / WHERE: Search under ‘Events’ for ’24 Seeds’

COST: 50k for first timers. 25k for returning participants.

INCLUDES: Light snacks & beverages

ADD ON: Oracle pull +10k; limited spots – book in advance

BRING: Yourself. A bottle of wine for afterwards. A smile 🙂