• I call my work Modern Grit. No pain, no gain is no longer working. The world has changed. Patience, vulnerability, self-work, Matrix-like flexibility and immersive, boundary-pushing experiences define success today. • Everything begins with Energy. If energy isn’t aligned or focused, your time is wasted. Period. Whether we talk about your career, relationships, dreams or fears, we’ll always come back to energy. Whether you work with me in person or online, personally or professionally, in focused workshops or immersive retreats, get ready to go deep, quickly, and make lasting changes.


I write about personal development, mindset, energy and movement. The world is moving fast. #MakingDreamsRealities #ItAllBeginsWithEnergy #MeaningfulConversations.


I create tools to guide, spark, probe and organize your innate curiosity. These support my belief that #AnswersAreInTheAction


I curate events and experiences for individuals and groups, both privately and for corporate, which bring these ideas to life. There is nothing like community and action.
Welcome to Inspired Grit. I’m Ann Dretzka, a curator and master weaver of information and action.  Inspired Grit began as my personal quest to silence the noise to better understand and focus on what I really, truly want in life. This meant (and means) getting down, dirty, and 100% aligned with my triggers, desires, and goals. The more fun I have, the more others take notice and want to learn how they can do something similar. READ MORE